Think-piece: Using a Public Restroom

The fear. The agony. That brief moment when you feel you may never escape. This is the reality of being in a public restroom.

Some may say that walking into a restroom at a fast food chain is the equivalent to walking into a war zone. Those people would be right.

As you approach the stall, you feel exactly like a young girl in a horror movie. Scared and heavily underdeveloped. I cannot speak for every person because we all have stories about the horrors we find in the stall. Stories that deserve to be heard.

For me, I was on a long car ride and the made up construct of time was not my friend. As I entered into the unknown territory that lied before me on Exit 79, I stopped to think about the many that came before me. All my sisters and brothers who lived to ask the question “why the hell is there toilet paper on the ground?”

I felt like someone who worked at the White House during the Trump administration. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be there, but I was so full of shit.

So many of us know the fear of that one second when you try to escape and the lock doesn’t work. You feel trapped. Helpless. On the occasion that you have to crawl under the door, you are met with judgement and disgust. Like any football team that plays the Alabama Crimson Tide, there is no win.

Through my journey of raising awareness for this issue, I have learned so much. I discovered the flushing discrimination that happens in fast food bathrooms across the country when some toilets are flushed and some aren’t. I have also discovered that I apparently do not know how to use a sink anymore.

I hope to help others with my trauma. To teach people that you should always feel your feelings, fight for your rights, and most importantly, air-dry.

Think-piece is a comedy blog series created to parody incredibly serious think-pieces with stupid things that probably only the author cares about.

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